A leak showed the new look and colours of the Apple iPhone 14

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In short, people are getting more and more excited about the new Apple iPhone 14 line, and a new leak may have revealed the final design before Apple’s launch event. The leak shows that the iPhone 14 Pro has two holes and a new purple finish that looks different depending on how you look at it.

At their “Far Out” event on September 7, Apple is likely to talk about the iPhone 14 series. Even so, rumours are still getting around. A Chinese tipper named DuanRui put up a short hands-on video on the Chinese social media site Weibo. The video gives hints about how the new iPhone 14 will look and what colours it will come in.

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Apple’s New iPhone 14 vs. a Fake

Because it confirms leaks from the past, the fake iPhone Pro 14 could look like the real thing. Like how it went from having a notch to having holes punched in it. It also shows a new shimmering purple colour. If you look at the finish from different angles, it looks like it has different tones.

DuanRui also sent us a set of pictures from Weibo that tell us more about the colours and the design with two holes in it. The iPhone 14 is shown in purple, blue, graphite, and gold in one picture. Some leakers aren’t sure if these pictures are real or not, so you should take them with a grain of salt.

Different from the notch on older iPhones, the screen has both a round and a pill-shaped cutout. The holes look a little bit bigger than what was expected at first, and iPhone owners don’t know what to think about the new design. But rumours say that Apple will only use this new design on its Pro models. The screen cutout on the regular iPhones will still be there.

Several other features and upgrades have been leaked over the past few months. There are rumours that the main camera on the Pro models will be 48MP and that the screen will always be on. While all of the iPhone 14 models might have a new camera for taking selfies,


Apple will hold its “Far Out” event at Apple Park on September 7. Fans can also expect the new Apple Watch Series 8 to come out at the same time as the new iPhone 14 line.

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