Babo Cartel De Santa Leaked Video

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Babo Cartel de Santa is an underground Mexican hip-hop group based in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, Mexico, founded by Hector Montao and Ronaldo Sifuentes. Mr. Eduardo Davalos de Luna, also known as MC Babo or Babo (lead vocals), DJ Agustn (only in live shows), and Rowan Rabia comprise this group (beat artist).

MC Babo and some friends started singing rap songs as Cartel de Santa in 1996. The band shot to fame with the release of its self-titled album in 2003. “Perros,” “Todas Mueren Por Mi,” and “La Pelotona” are among the album’s other big hits. Jason Roberts produced this album, as well as albums by Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, House of Pain, Guns N’ Roses, Control Machete, and others.

According to Mexican police officials, MC Babo turned himself in on April 27, 2007, claiming that while playing in the band, he accidentally shot and killed another band member. MC Babo learned that a formal rival was on his way to his home in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, to settle a dispute with him. He arrived at the scene and shot Juan Miguel Chavez Pimentel, also known as El Micky, in the leg.

Babo Cartel De Santa Leaked Video

According to Babo, one of his pistol’s bullets ricocheted off the floor and struck his friend Ulises ‘Buenrostro,’ killing him. After nine months in jail, Babo was released in January 2008 after paying bail of approximately 130,000 pesos [$1,500].

He is a member and the lead singer of Cartel de Santa, Mexico’s most popular band. In 1996, he formed a band that was a success in Mexico. The MC Babo’s exact age is not available on the internet. The man appears to be around 50 years old based on his appearance.

A video was leaked by MC Babo Cartel de Santa.

Babo Videos were recently leaked on social media platforms and quickly went viral. People are requesting that we make the video available. That is why we are providing a direct link to the video in the button below.

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