Check out the viral Gurumiharibo video on Reddit and Twitter right now.

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Due to the spread of viral Gurumiharibo video of group members interacting online, Kpop has become more popular all over the world. Even though Kpop idols are not allowed to date or secretly hang out with other band members. Online, there are many rumours that this is the case, but they are not until they have signed a deal with a record label or corporation.

Certain boy and girl groups take photos together, albeit the majority of them are fake. While some K-pop fans are extremely kind and considerate of one another’s privacy, some toxic fans make fun of one another over romance rumours and trending photos. Online rumours and viral images of BTS members V and Jennie are very common right now.

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With the biggest fan base, BTS is the biggest boy band in the world. Fanboys and fangirls are also included in the female group. It is more likely that the females are the ones who carefully review the sensitive details of the men. Since their romantic connections are so fascinating to them. The internet is currently flooded with images of V from BTS and Jennie from Blackpink.

Many admirers believe the two are dating as a result of the photographs’ realism. Although the viral photographs have been altered, they appear too real. Despite the chance that these revisions are being made and published, someone. Jennie and V have never been in a relationship that would violate the rules set forth by their job.

A biography of Gurumiharo

When he shared images of Jennie and V on Twitter, Gurumiharibo even boldly claimed that they were dating. The individual keeps uploading the same pictures to suggest that the two are dating while fabricating allegations. besides the single shot. Other edited photos of the two celebrities were provided by the user, and fans noted instances in which they had both been spotted with other group members.

Even if the dieting is correct, they have never actually dated. The perpetrator mocks themselves for committing such a terrible crime.

Another Twitter user predicted that Gurumi would soon be sued by Hybe Labels for the damage she is causing. Fans who thought the images were real cheered. However, toxic admirers became enraged.


The changes were only becoming apparent to those who knew the reality. The photographer, Kurumi, withdrew the images from Twitter and claimed that no one had ever served her with a judicial summons. Indeed, Black Pink Lisa and the BTS members have previously been the subject of a significant number of false and easily manipulated web images. Alongside them, the BTS and Black Pinks members maintain their usual composure.

Gurumiharibo video

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