8 Ways to Make Your Cyber security Better

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It can be hard to keep your business safe from the growing number of cyber security threats around the world. If your business doesn’t have the right tools to deal with breaches quickly, effectively, and efficiently, you risk putting your brand in danger online.
Cyber security is always changing and adapting so that businesses can get the best help possible. But paying for a cyber security system is not enough to protect your business from online threats. To keep security at the top of your daily operations, you need time, training, direction, and clear communication at all levels of your organization.

There’s no such thing as being too ready for possible online attacks, whether you’re a brand-new business that needs to protect its online assets or a well-known global brand that wants to learn more about digital security. 

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Here are eight tips to improve your cyber security management so that your company stays flexible, safe, and ready for worst-case scenarios.

1> Recognize your weak points.

Cybersecurity is very important, but you can’t just buy the most expensive software on the market and think it’s the best. It means learning more about what your business needs to be safe from and where your most valuable digital assets are kept.

Every business is different, and you shouldn’t just choose your online security based on how much it costs. Talk to your tech team about where you are most vulnerable and start making a plan to protect them.

The more you learn about your weaknesses, the better you can keep threats away from them.

2> Teach your employees to be wary.

Businesses often spend more time putting cyber security measures into place than they do teaching their employees what these measures are and how to use them.

If your staff isn’t fully trained, informed, and ready to deal with data and security threats, all the planning in the world won’t matter. To avoid this and make sure that any cyber threats are dealt with effectively, hold regular training sessions on cyber security that go over clear rules.

If your company deals with sensitive data of any kind. Like, the best way to build systems and keep your employees up to date on best practices is to hire a full-time employee with an advanced degree in cybersecurity or hire a professional cybersecurity company.

3> Implement your security plan for the entire company.

Now that your staff has been fully trained and told how to stay alert. It’s important to make sure they know what to do in case of a cyber attack.

During a cyber security attack, everyone in your company should be able to say exactly what they’re supposed to do. If they can’t do this, they need more training and clearer rules.

4> Does your hardware work well?

If you want to protect your business from cyberattacks. You’ll need to make sure that all of your online platforms have the most recent product updates installed and running.
Your technical security software needs should re-evaluated and updated at least once every two years. If you do this, you’ll always be safe from the latest security threats. Cybercrime is a problem that is always changing. So, your security hardware needs to be as up-to-date as possible to stop it.

5> Get rid of your old stuff the right way.

This brings us to one of the most common cyber security flaws: getting rid of old hardware in the right way.

Without a thorough way to get rid of old devices, your business runs the risk of giving hackers all the information they need to get into your security systems.

If you don’t pay attention to security, bad things can happen. So, don’t forget the different storage devices that are used every day. To make sure they don’t get into the wrong hands, these things need to be thrown away and destroyed safely.

Here are some of the most common types of storage devices you should include in your old hardware disposal:

  • USBs
  • Hard drives
  • CDs
  • DVDs

It’s important to work with a reputable and professional cyber security company when you want to get rid of old hardware.

6> Have a plan for the worst that could happen.

If you’re ready for the worst that could happen, you’ll never be caught off guard. The key to making a good cyber security prevention plan is to plan for the worst-case scenarios and map them out.

Setting up alerts and firewalls for these possible dangers is a big part of keeping yourself safe. But it’s just as important to test and evaluate your reactions and response times to unexpected things all the time. If you plan for the worst, you’ll be better able to protect your business if something goes wrong.

7> Determine what you can.

Find out as much as you can about the people and businesses you want to work with. This means getting information about any security companies you want to hire. And do your research on any middle companies that might be handling sensitive information.

Be sure to check the criminal records of new employees to find out. But only, if they have ever been involved in or convicted of cybercrime. These small extra research points can help you feel safer overall.

8> Hire a professional security and compliance company.

Since the most important and sensitive information in the world has become digital, criminals are coming up with new, powerful ways to get their hands on it. Not only that, but they are always looking for ways to steal this information quickly and in ways that get harder and harder to stop.
There’s more to big data breaches than just losing information that could be dangerous in the wrong hands. It also affects the overall success and reputation of your business. The cost of a reliable and trustworthy security and compliance company is nothing compared to what your business might have to pay in court if there is a breach of information.
TransPerfect offers new and safe ways to deal with cyber security threats, such as information security assessments, corporate audits, incident response plans, and many more.

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