Breonna Taylor’s death has led to the firing of a fourth officer in Louisville

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The Louisville Courier-Journal reported on Friday that the Louisville Metro Police Department fired a fourth officer who was involved in the March 2020 death of Breonna Taylor.

According to the Courier-Journal, a federal grand jury indicted Sgt. Kyle Meany earlier this month for using a false affidavit to get a search warrant for Taylor’s home and giving false information to federal investigators.

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Joshua Jaynes, Brett Hankison, and Kelly Ann Goodlett, who were all former police officers, were also indicted on a number of charges, including making up the search warrant and using too much force.

Hankison was fired by the department in June 2020, and Jaynes and Myles Cosgrove were both let go in January 2021. When Goodlett quit earlier this month, the department was in the process of firing her.

Death of Breonna Taylor

What they’re saying Police chief Erika Shields told the Courier-Journal on Friday, “I decided to fire Sgt. Kyle Meany after giving it a lot of thought and not because it was easy.” Shields said on August 4 that she had started the process of letting both Meany and Goodlett go.

Shields added, “I fully respect the legal process and know that Sergeant Meany has not yet been heard by a jury of his peers.” “After a long investigation by the DOJ, he is now facing multiple federal charges. As an employer, the reputation of our company is the most important thing, and it is not reasonable to expect to keep working under these circumstances. “

Taylor was shot and killed by police in March 2020, when officers with a no-knock warrant went into her home to look for drugs.

The 26-year-old woman was killed when her boyfriend shot at the plainclothes police officer because he thought someone was trying to break into their house.

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