An update has been made and the Instagram Stories time limit has been increased to 60 seconds.

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  • Instagram started testing longer Story segments, lasting up to 60 seconds, in 2018 with a select set of users. Instagram Stories now has a 60-second time limit.
  • All users worldwide have started to receive the most recent update gradually.
  • Users can now upload a 60-second story. It is divided into 15-second halves.

In this Instagram Stories Update, Instagram users can now upload Stories that are 60 seconds long, compared to the previous limit of 15 seconds. Users can now publish segment-free 60-second Stories. In December of the previous year, the Meta-owned app was discovered testing its functionality. They have now distributed it to users all across the world.

According to independent confirmation, the majority of app users can get the update. Users can now take advantage of and write 60-second stories. without being divided into 15-second intervals.

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Instagram Stories now has a 60-second time limit in this Instagram Stories Update.

Instagram is now putting a greater emphasis than ever on video content. The duration restrictions for videos have been extended as part of an ongoing effort to enhance user experience. When describing Instagram’s goals for 2022, CEO Adam Mosseri implied that the photo and the video-sharing app would put more emphasis on video. Additionally, he said that the app would better integrate its video content around Reels and work to grow in the same way.

All Instagram videos can now be posted as Reels in under 15 minutes, one of the Reel-related capabilities that Instagram has improved. In addition, uninterrupted broadcasting of the 60-second stories is now possible. Reels now have a 90-second time limit instead of the previous 60 seconds. Similar to TikTok, Instagram has already experimented with full-screen feeds. The most recent changes show that the App’s reputation as a video-focused platform hasn’t changed, nevertheless.

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