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Kenny DeLand was discovered in Spain after going missing from a French university.

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The body of American college student Kenny DeLand Jr., who vanished three weeks ago after leaving the University of Grenoble Alpes and ceasing all communication with friends and family, has been discovered in Spain. To stay up to date, subscribe to Unmotivated World.

DeLand spoke to his father for the final time on November 27. He called him again on Friday. In a statement, DeLand’s family said he is safe and the prosecutor’s office reported that DeLand sounded good.

In a statement thanking the FBI, American lawmakers, French officials, and the affected schools, DeLand’s family said, “Kenny is in Spain, and Carol, his mom, is in France, getting ready to meet Kenny and hopefully bring him home for Christmas.”

Without the assistance of the media, she would not have learned about him in the press and contacted us, according to the statement.


His father reported that the last time his son’s phone rang was on November 30. On December 3, he was captured on camera entering a sporting goods store.

DeLand Jr. was studying French at the University of Grenoble Alpes as part of the study abroad program run by the American Institute for Foreign Studies (AIFS). His parents stated that he was a senior at St. John Fisher University in Rochester, New York.

A prosecutor in Grenoble named Eric Vaillant claimed earlier this week that Ken DeLand Jr. was struggling in France and had made it known that he intended to depart early.

DeLand Jr. reportedly informed multiple people that he arrived in France “insufficiently prepared” and found it difficult to make acquaintances, according to Vaillant’s earlier this week statement. “He wasn’t feeling well. He had admitted to wanting to travel to Marseille to leave town more quickly.

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