Learn how to share a YouTube video in a Google Meet.

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How do you share a YouTube video in Google Meet? Before Google Meet’s Live sharing feature can work, several things must be in place. You need an Android phone and a Google account to use YouTube and Google Meet.

Google Meet has made it possible for people to work together in real-time. Users can now talk to each other and talk about the shared content in real-time. With the new Google Meet feature, users can now watch video clips at the same time. Duo added the ability to share in real-time early in 2016. Since Duo and Meet have been combined, this feature is now also available in Google Meet.

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To use the live sharing feature of Google Meet, your computer needs to meet the system requirements. You need an Android phone and a Google Account to use Google services like YouTube and Google Meet.

How to Share a YouTube video in Google Meet

To play YouTube videos in a Google Meet, you only need to do the following:

Tap the screen to get to the call buttons after you’ve joined a meeting.

When you click the three dots, a drop-down menu will appear. Choose activities from that menu.

Choose YouTube from the list of “Activities” on the menu.

Find the clip that you want to show right now.

Some YouTube videos can’t be watched live, like those that aren’t appropriate for kids or that require a subscription.

Tap on a video you want to watch together.

To start a live sharing session, click the Start button when you see the prompt.

Once live sharing has started, a green bar at the bottom of the screen will say “You are live sharing in Meet.” This means that everyone in the meeting can now see the YouTube video.

Users may also miss alerts or in-meeting messages while watching a movie in the YouTube app, so it’s important to check the Meet app often.

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