Maegan Hall viral video was leaked on Twitter.

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Twitter exposed Sergeant Lewis Powell, Officer Juan Lugo, and others’ sacked Maegan Hall viral video. Hall boasted about his “open marriage”. Follow Unmotivated News for all the latest news.

The officers’ unusual personal lives were investigated after La Vergne Mayor Jason Cole learned that Hall was having affairs with other police officers as well as Magliocco and his wife, among other allegations.

Patrick Magliocco and Larry Holladay, Hall’s alleged affair partners, kept their jobs but were placed on administrative leave.

On December 28, an internal investigation revealed that Hall had been working at the police station and gym with Powell and Shields. Extramarital affairs were allegedly had on a boat, at a hotel, and at the home of another law enforcement official.

Maegan Hall viral video

When asked about the clue, Magliocco admitted to s8xing with Hall. He told investigators that Hall had told him about Powell’s “big black d-k” and that he and Powell had interacted while on the job.

Hall and Holladay were present at the party while Magliocco and his friends watched football. According to Hall, after learning about their “open marriage,” he kissed his wife Amy.

According to the officer, Hall’s husband witnessed the kiss and stated that he “definitely wasn’t in favor” of his wife having a with the Maglioccos. Regardless, the investigation reveals that she continued to date him.

Maegan Hall viral video
video of Maegan Hall

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