Michelle Branch was arrested for assaulting a family member

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The Nashville police department told Variety that Michelle Branch was arrested for assaulting a family member. Branch was arrested after she said she was splitting up with Patrick Carney, the drummer for “The Black Keys,” to whom she had been married for three years. TMZ was the first to report the arrest. Court papers showed that Branch had hit Carney in the face “one to two times.” The branch was given a $1,000 bond.

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Overview- Michelle Branch

In 2019, Branch and Carney got married. Branch told TMZ about the breakup in a statement that “devastated” doesn’t even come close to describing how he and his family feel. I’ve had everything ripped out from under me, and now I have to figure out how to move on. Because my children are so young, I ask that you give me space and be kind.

Branch took to Twitter before she told Carney that they were breaking up to say that she thought he was cheating on her. The two musicians were married and lived in Nashville with their two children.
Early in the 2000s, “The Spirit Room” and “Hotel Paper,” two of Branch’s albums, helped her become known as a singer-songwriter. The song “Everywhere,” which was her first big hit, turns 20 this year. It was on her first album. Branch won a Grammy Award for her duet with Santana in 2022, called “The Game of Love.” The song was a pop collaboration with vocals.

The branch is getting ready to put out her fourth studio album, “The Trouble with Fever,” which is set to come out on September 16. The musician is going on a fall tour that will stop at Webster Hall in New York City.

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