Olivia Dunner Locker room viral video

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On social media, the latest video of Olivia Dunner locker room is becoming viral news.

A social media superstar, Olivia Dunne, and her LSU teammates are preparing for an intrasquad meet.

However, prior to that, Dunne had to produce content for her social media followers.She shared a video of one of her teammates dancing in the locker room on Facebook.

On Dunne’s TikTok, a video of the two wearing LSU leotards went viral immediately.Over 115,000 people have liked the video in just 16 hours.

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She asked, “Can I get some cool tights?” in the video.

In school sports, Dunne is probably the most followed competitor, if not the most followed competitor. She has over six million TikTok followers and over two million Instagram followers.

Olivia Dunner Locker room viral video

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