People say that PMLN MPA Sania Ashiq Jabeen downloaded a full HD viral video

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Sania Ashiq Jabeen’s Bio/WikiMPAS Ania Ashiq is one of the Pakistani Parliament’s youngest members. She came into the world on February 17, 1993. Sania Ashiq Jabeen’s video that went viral, Sania Ashiq is 29 years old. She was born in Pakistan, in a city called Lahore. When she was born, her name was Sania Ashiq Jabeen. Muhammad Ashiq, who died not too long ago, is the father of the young MPA in question.

She is nice and works hard to help women get ahead.

Sania is likely the first person from the middle class in Lahore to be elected. A lot of people did think she wouldn’t be able to go to Parliament. It’s because the girl isn’t very strong. But she ran for office even though she was only 25 years old. She was also picked to join the Punjab Assembly. Even though it’s not a political win, Sania’s career has gained more than just momentum. She is also a very young, smart, and brave woman who began her political career when she was very young.

Zartaj Gul Wazir’s viral video

The Life and Work of Sania Ashiq

Sania Ashiq is well-known in the political world. She works for the Pakistan Muslim League and is a member of the Panjab Provincial Assembly. She took the oath of office in 2018, when she was 25 years old. This made her one of the youngest members of Parliament in Pakistan. Sania was elected to one of the seats reserved for women. Maryam Nawaz, who is the vice president of the party, and she are close. Many people say she is one of the most beautiful women in Pakistan’s Parliament. This article talks about Sania Ashiq’s life and lets out some of her professional and personal secrets.

Sania Ashiq Jabeen

School, education, and college

She went to the City School in Lahore from kindergarten through the end of elementary school. She got her PharmD at Punjab University College of Pharmacy in Lahore.

Mother, Sister, and Family

She lives with her husband and children in Lahore. Muhammad Ashiq was Sania Ashiq’s father, and he passed away a few years ago. Her late father worked as a geologist. She lives with her mother and is a housewife. Both she and her mother are from Lahore.

Sania Ashiq, viral video

She got married to Abu Bakar on February 19, 2022. The place where her wedding took place was Lahore. Maryam Nawaz and other top PML-N leaders were there for her wedding. Both she and her husband wore white and gold dresses that matched on the day of the nikkah. She looked beautiful at the party when she wore a traditional red dress. Here are some photos from their wedding. She didn’t say anything about her husband, such as where he was born or what he did for a living. Once we have more information about her husband,

Is the viral video posted by Sania Ashiq, a PML-N MP, genuine or fabricated?

Sania Ashiq, a member of parliament for the PML-N, is at the centre of yet another video-related scandal.

On social media, someone named Sania Ashiq Jabeen, who is an MPA for Punjab, is being blamed for letting a video get out.

The new trend of leaking videos is disgusting and is setting off alarm bells. Where has this country’s morality gone?

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