The viral video of Pakistani TikToker Malaika Cheema has been leaked, but I have a question.

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Malika Cheema, whose full name is Malaika Ijaz Cheema, is the most recent person to become a victim of the video and photo leaks. Malika Cheema has become well-known in Pakistan due to her participation in the tick-tock show. The research that our journalist did showed that the leaked viral video scandal involving Malika Cheema viral video became more popular on social media after it was first released.

It is said that this is what people are discussing on various social media platforms, but

As a response to the Malaika Cheema video, the vast majority of visitors think that…
Malika Cheema is innocent. She had nothing to do with what happened and was blameless. Since this is such an important matter, I would appreciate it if you would publish an article that proves she is innocent.

The name of the real girl who appears in the video that was taken without permission is Sofia Macarena Chalena. Her real name is Chalene; a prankster gave her the name Sophymackerena. Her Twitter handle is @chalene. She is aware of what occurred and has even tweeted about it to let everyone know that it is she who is responsible for it. “I am Chalena, and that is my body,” she declared. I am not Malika Cheema.” “The tweet that was originally published in Spanish is a translation of the original tweet. She also says in a separate tweet, “Oh my my, the video is mine, and I am Chilena.” If anyone was under the notion that it was her in the video, I hope this helps clear up any confusion that may have been caused by it.

Malaika Cheema
Malaika Cheema Viral Video

We will provide an update as soon as there is less room for misunderstanding, but until then, follow Unmotivated News to stay up to date on all of the most latest leaks and news of the Unmotivated World.

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